Pillarton aims to empower businesses to optimize their potential. Pillarton leverages its advisory strengths, capital and contact network to help businesses establish and meet their growth objectives, providing businesses a hub-centric solution that bridges the critical gap in management or capital requirements—a cost effective method to accomplish business success at any scale.

Growth Force | Entefy Inc.

Entefy is an artificial intelligence communication company that is introducing the first universal communicator, a smart platform that simplifies how you communicate with people, services, and IoT devices.

Founder | Univetica

Univetica is an international initiative driven by people from widely varying backgrounds to help create a thriving global community. Unvietica develops and deploys solutions that help more people make better decisions more often.

Member of the Board of Directors | Schools for Humanity

Schools for Humanity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing human potential by opening access to quality education for all. SFH envisions a world where everyone, regardless of age, gender, geography, or economic status, has open access to, and actively benefits from, quality education to better their lives and the lives of others.

Co-Founder | Golden Gate Cinema

Golden Gate Cinema is an independent production company that believes in the transformative power of film. Our feature documentary, Iran: Hot Tea, Cool Conversations, was made to increase awareness of Citizen Diplomacy and to help more Americans recognize the importance of assuming their responsibility to develop constructive foreign relations.